Lemon Yassa

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Yassa is a marinade and simmer sauce all in one with strong lemon flavours, combined with onion and mustard .

Yassa  is traditionally served with Chicken (Yassa Poulet) but is just as good with just vegetables or you can even use it straight from a jar as condiment with fish.

Yassa is also vegan friendly(try this recipe) 

no added preservatives, flavours or colors

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Lemon, onion, garlic, mustard, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, black pepper, cumin, chilli, raw sugar, salt.

1 Review

14th Jul 2015


this was my first try of Juanita's sauces and it was an instant hit. I love the lemony flavour as a dip, use to marinade tofu in it and/or to cook with vegetables, it goes particularly well with zucchini and squash. Give it a try, it is exquisite!

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