Salsa Picante

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Our Salsa Picante won gold in the Australian Food Awards for the chilli/pantry goods section:) and is a definitely a favourite. 

It is tangy and spicy and it is a cross between a Sriracha and a famous classic Mexican salsa that has been a favourite here and in Mexico for years. 

The added bonus is ...ta da, it's completely sugar-free, sweetened with only with apples, made from gluten free ingredients, vegan-friendly with no added nasty stuff. A healthy hot sauce for all your spicy needs. 

It is versatile and will spice up all your favourites from Nachos to soups and even seafood. 

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Chilli, apples, garlic, apple cider vinegar

1 Review

Sidd 21st Nov 2019

Incredible sauce

The flavour of this sauce is 10/10 - deliciousness in a bottle. Can't get enough!

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