Our entire menu is GLUTEN FREE

 Designed entirely around our products and will vary slightly from season to season. 


Ask us about our frozen meal options


Jk’s NACHOS (vgo)
Corn tortilla chips topped with house made *Enchilada sauce, melted cheese and pico de gallo. | 13.5

Add any of these extras to load them up

Refried pinto beans (vg) 3.5
Guacamole , traditional(vg) 5
Avocado smash (vg) 2
Roast sweet potato pieces (vg) 2
Smokey shredded Jackfruit (vg) 3.5
*Vegan chorizo mince (vg, n) 3.5
House made pork chorizo mince (spicy) 3.5
Smokey shredded chicken 3.5
Pulled Pork 3.5
Jalapeños 0.5
Olives 0.5
*Tomatillo Salsa 0.5
Greek yoghurt (instead of sour cream 0.5


Mexican version of toasted sandwiches , house made tortillas toasted with your choice of one of the following fillings. | 13.5
*Noccas Marinated Mushroom & Cheese (vgo)
Refried Beans & Cheese (vgo)
Chorizo & Cheese (vgo) (spicy)
Chicken, Cheese & Juanita’s award winning *Noccas
Plain cheese (vgo)
Pizza- *Enchilada salsa, cheese, onion and tomato


Juanita's favourite! * Vegan Chorizo mince, roasted sweet potato and vegan cheese in 3 toasted tortillas served on a bed of salad greens finished with avocado smash. |17.5

Please specify for a non vegan option

3 x Soft, hand made tortillas with your choice of fillings topped with house made salsas and salads | 18.5

Creamy refried pinto beans (vg)
*Vegan chorizo & Mushroom (vg)
Smokey shredded jackfruit (vg)
Smokey shredded chicken
Coffee infused & *Spicy Noccas pulled pork
House made pork chorizo (spicy)
Lemon chicken cooked in Juanitas Kitchen’s award winning *Lemon Yassa (spicy)
Chicken Tinga - Chicken cooked in our *Chipotle Salsa (vgo)

TOSTADAS (2) (vg)
Our take on a popular Mexican dish with freshly made,
6 in. crispy corn tortillas topped with refried beans, our *Smokey BBQ Sauce, lettuce , pico de gallo & avocado smash | 17.5
Add one of the following
*Vegan Chorizo mince (nuts) (vg) 3.5
Smokey Jackfruit (vg) 3.5
Shredded Chicken 3.5
Pulled Pork 3.5
House made pork chorizo (spicy) 3.5

Soft corn tortillas wrapped around your choice of filling, baked with our *Enchilada Sauce and cheese, served with Mexican rice, lettuce, cabbage slaw, & avocado smash. (vgo) | 18.5
Please choose one of the following options

Chorizo (spicy), pinto beans & cheese
Chicken, pinto beans & cheese
*Vegan Chorizo, pinto beans & cheese (vgo)
Mushroom, spinach & cheese. (vgo)



Classic serve of freshly chopped pico de gallo, cabbage slaw, Mexican rice, beans and our homemade tangy vinaigrette on a bed of salad greens, topped with avocado mash and any one of the following. | 17.5
(keto option available)

Vegan Chorizo (vg,n)
Sweet potato and mushrooms (vg)
Smokey shredded jackfruit (vg)
Smokey shredded chicken
Lemon Yassa chicken
Coffee infused & * Noccas pulled pork
House made pork chorizo mince (spicy)


Our version with seasonal veggies , chickpeas, beans and chorizo mince all cooked in our rich, tangy *Enchilada sauce served on a bed of Mexican rice. | 18.5

Please choose one of the following options
*Vegan chorizo mince (vg,n)
Pork chorizo mince (spicy)
ask for - medium or hot


MOLE (vgo,n)
Made with our award winning * Mexican Mole. This sauce is mildly spiced and moreishly rich with a hint of chocolate. Served with Mexican Rice , creamy refried beans & 2 freshly hand made warm tortillas |19.5

Choose one of the following options
Chicken or
Eggplant (vg)

Extra tortillas | 0.9


Enchilada of your choice
Small Guacamole and chips
Can of coke


Enchiladas of your choice
Large serve of Nachos
2 Cans of coke


3 Tacos each of your choice
Large serve Nachos
2 Cans of coke



Mexican rice (vg) -| 4

Juanitas Patatas (vgo) - potato bites tossed with *Enchilada Sauce & topped with Greek yoghurt. | 5

Side Salad (vg) -|3.5

Avocado smash (vg)- avocado mashed with our award winning *Tomatillo salsa | 2

Guacamole (vg) - traditional style with avocado, tomato, onion, coriander & lime | 5

Jk’s Bean dip ((vgo) - refried pinto beans topped with melted cheese & sour cream | 5

Corn chips- small bowl | 3


Tortillas (2) - soft, freshly hand pressed | 1.8



Salted caramel cheesecake  (vg) A delicious but healthy “cheezecake”with a nut base, topped with a dairy  free caramel filling finished with chocolate cream toasted almond crumble, Himalayan salt & coconut cream | 6.9


CHOCOLATE BEETROOT BROWNIE  (vg)Rich, chocolate, brownie made with roasted beetroot, cacao and almond meal served warm with blueberries & coconut cream    | 6.9


DEVOUR Chocolate Samplers

These chocolates have been lovingly handmade by DEVOUR using the finest Belgian and Swiss couverture chocolates. Feast your taste buds on a bit of everything: | 16


Sampler 1 

4 gourmet chocolate truffles: 

Hazelnut, Strawberries & Cream, Sprinkles (milk), Passionfruit

2 coconut rough pieces: 

1 milk, & 1 dark chocolate

3 miniature choc frogs: 

white, milk, dark


Easter Sampler

4 gourmet chocolate truffles: 

Black Forest, Hot Cross Bun (milk & dark), Sprinkles (milk)

2 coconut rough pieces: 

one milk, and one dark chocolate

3 miniature chocolate frogs: 

white, milk, dark