Spicy Noccas 250

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GOLD award and trophy winner at RASV 2013.

Noccas was actually our very first product and is used as the base of so many Senegalese dishes.

The combination of garlic, chilli, black pepper and many other spices mixed through extra virgin olive oil makes this paste a perfect marinade for meat, fish or vegetables, or tossed through fresh pasta, used in dips or as we have been told even spread in sandwiches. !!

We use it here in our cafe in so many of our Mexican, West African, vegan and even Croatian dishes, so its multicultural and vegan friendly. 

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1 Review

21st Jan 2015


Great product. I use it in almost everything except beer. But mostly in winter. Really spices up the humble baked beans on toast for breakfast as well. I add a dash to eggs as well.
Only grumble is the method of transport used.
No one home so had to drive around 18k round trip to collect. Suggest Aus Post as they have depots close by.


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