Our menu is designed entirely around our products and while predominately Mexican we do have some special dishes from West Africa as well as some "creations" from Juanita.  

Our entire menu is GLUTEN FREE


BREAKY BAKE                 $12.50

A soft hand pressed corn tortilla base filled with house made tomato salsa, Noccas marinated mushrooms, our slow cooked pinto beans, roasted capsicum and topped with your choice of cheese, finished with Tomatillo Salsa and  avocado mash served with a  small side salad.


  • choose vegan or mozzarella cheese $free
  • Add 2 free range eggs$3.50
  • Add Vegan Chorizo$2.50
  • Add pork Chorizo$3.00


MEXICAN EGGS  $13.50                                                          

Freshly made corn tortilla pieces fried until crunchy, with house Chorizo mince and onion folded through fluffy scrambled eggs, finished with Tomatillo Salsa and avocado smash 


  • Specify Vegan or Pork Chorizo$free
  • Add a side of refried beans $3.00



Hand pressed fresh corn tortillas  filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, chorizo or Vegan Chorizo, melted cheese, grilled and served on a bed of salad greens finished with fresh tomato salsa, Tomatillo Salsa & avocado creme with greek yoghurt


  • Specify Vegan or Pork Chorizo mince$free
  • Add a side of refried beans$3.00


TOTOPOS (Toh- top-oss) $9.50                                                    

Our version of nachos! A large serve of corn tortilla chips, your choice of cheese, tomato salsa and jalapeños . 

Please specify either melted cheese or vegan cheesy butter bean cream

Then load them up with your favourites. 

  • Refried pinto beans $2.50
  • Avocado smash  $2.50 
  • Vegan chorizo (contains nuts) $1.50
  • House made pork chorizo mince $1.50
  • Greek yoghurt $1.00
  • Guacamole $4.50


QUESADILLAS (Kessa dee ahs )3 for $11.50

A Mexican version of toasted sandwiches made with fresh corn tortillas, toasted with your choice of the following fillings.

1. Marinated mushroom  & cheese                                    

2. Creamy refried beans & cheese

3. House made Chorizo   & cheese                     

4. Noccas free range chicken & cheese

5. Our  Vegan Chorizo & cheese  (Vegie)

6. Mushrooms & butter bean cream (Vegan)

 7. Vegan Chorizo and refried beans (Vegan)

Served with  our Tomatillo and Chipotle salsa on the side.


  • Tomatillo and avocado smash $2.50
  • Guacamole $4.50


TACO’S $11.00

2 x Tacos with your choice fillings in fresh, hand pressed soft corn tortillas.

  1. Beans - creamy refried pinto beans with lettuce, onion, coriander, Chipotle salsa and avocado creme. (Vegan) 
  2. Vegan Chorizo & sweet potato with butter bean cream, lettuce, onion, coriander & Tomatillo Salsa (Vegan)
  3. Vegan Chorizo & Mushroom with lettuce, onion, coriander & roasted tomato salsa..
  4. Chicken- free range smokey shredded chicken with lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado and Tomatillo Salsa
  5. Pulled Pork- 14 hour, coffee and Noccas infused free range pork with red cabbage slaw & Tomatillo Salsa 
  6. Chorizo- house made smokey chorizo mince with lettuce, pico de gallo and Tomatillo Salsa.


  • Guacamole $4.50
  • Small bowl of totopos $2.50


ENCHILADAs  $16.50

Soft house made corn tortillas (2) wrapped around pinto beans, your choice of filling, baked with tomato salsa and cheese, served along side Mexican rice, red cabbage slaw  a dash of Salsa Picante. 

Please specify one of the following options

  1. Vegan chorizo and cheese for a vegan version
  2. Chicken or pork chorizo with mozzarella cheese. 



MixedSalad greens, pinto beans, Mexican rice, mushrooms, onion, cucumber, tomato, red cabbage slaw, peppita’s finished with our tangy dressing , Tomatillo Salsa  and avocado smash


  • Vegan Chorizo mince$2.50
  • House made Pork Chorizo mince$2.50
  • Free range chicken or slow cooked pork$3.50



A traditional recipe with over 30 ingredients, this sauce is mildly spiced and moreishly rich with a hint of chocolate. Served alongside Mexican Rice , creamy refried pinto beans and freshly hand made warm tortillas 

  • With Chicken or 
  • Vegan option with eggplant. 


Juanitas version of a rich tomato soup loaded with beans, crispy hand made fresh corn chips and avocado,  served with chopped onion and lime. (Vegan and very filling)


A large warming bowl of veggies, beans, chickpeas and Vegan Chorizo in a rich tomato served on a bed of Mexican rice. 

 PEANUT MAFE (mar-fay)  $13.50 

A traditional West African meal featuring an earthy peanut sauce that can be found simmering on most stove tops in Senegal. We serve ours with seasonal veggies on a bed of fluffy quinoa or savoury rice. (healthy comfort food!)

  • Add chicken. $3.50