Peanut Mafe

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 Mafe (mar fay) is a mildly spiced, peanutty simmer sauce. With its own unique flavour it is very popular in West Africa, it is also  known as Domoda or Ground nut stew.

This was one of our most popular ready to eat menu item at many festivals and events around Australia, we served it with lamb or chicken . 

Traditionally cooked with lamb or goat but also great with chicken or just vegetables. 
(see our recipe page for further inspiration)

Its so easy to use and just full of natural ingredients that you would use in your own kitchen. 
(No one will ever know its from a jar) 
Just add meat and or vegetables, some water and cook. 

Completely natural and suitable for vegans.  

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1 Review

14th Jul 2015

wonderfully warming

this is a fabulous keeper for the pantry, take yesterday for instance - I needed something very quick to dish up, filling and warming. Cooked up a batch of polenta and stirred in several tablespoons full of Mafe, steamed some sweet potato and mixed it all together, YUM! Who said fast food had to be greasy and unhealthy, it was all done in 10mins. and a winner on the menu.

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