Juanita's Tacos


Serves 4. 
1 kg Beef Ribs or Chuck steak, or tongue
A splash of olive oil (extra virgin) 
1/2 cup hot water.
1 good teaspoon of Noccas (or to taste)
Tomatillo Salsa
1 small bunch fresh coriander, finely chopped
1  medium brown onion, finely chopped
1 lime cut into segments
1 large avocado , chopped
About 20 good tortilla's ( I make mine fresh but thats also a recipe for another time)

I use a dutch oven on the stove top but also good in a slow cooker. 
1.  Heat the oil in the pan and throw in the Noccas , place the ribs on the Noccas and brown the ribs on both sides. 
2.  Add the hot water, pop the lid on, turn down the stove and forget until ribs are tender and falling apart.  (Also good in a slow cooker)
3.  When cooked lift the ribs out of the pan and take the bones and excess fat off . 
4. Place meat with a little of the cooking juices on a plate or dish and keep warm.
5.   Heat or cook your tortilla's 
6.   To serve mix coriander and onion together in a bowl.  On a separate plate place the avocado and lime wedges.  

I put all the ingredients for the tacos on the table and it is help yourself. 
Assemble the tacos , in a tortilla a spoonful of meat, some chopped onion and coriander, some avocado a squeeze of lime and a generous helping of Tomatillo salsa.