Hibiscus Tea

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Made from the dried red flowers of a variety of  the  hibiscus plant. 


Most countries have their own version of hibiscus flower tea, confirming that it just has to be good  for you!!  

In Mexico it's  called Agua de jamaica, Bissap in Senegal ,  Gudhal in India and Gongura in Brazill.


The tea is popular as a natural diuretic; it contains vitamin C and minerals, and is used traditionally as a mild medicine and for blood pressure. 


Our version also has ginger which adds some warmth, some freshness with a little mint and vanilla bean which smoothes the tartness of hibiscus, plus each added ingredient has their own health benefits.



1 tablespoon is all  you need to make 2 to 3 cups.  

Brew in a tea pot or plunger and strain.

Drink hot as a soothing tea or serve cold with ice and fresh mint leaves to garnish. 


Unlike the traditional heavily sweetened versions this  blend  is  SUGAR FREE, so sweeten to your own taste and enjoy.

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2 Reviews

robert yates 20th Jan 2017

hibiscus tea

very refreshing on hot day

14th Jul 2015

a firm favourite

This Hibiscus tea blend is tangy and full of surprises, it is refreshing drunk hot or cold, I love the added spices which jazz up the flavour without distracting from the Hibiscus. Hibiscus has also medicinal qualities which are of benefit to me, so I enjoy it twice daily without fail.

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