1. Are all your products suitable for vegans?

Yes, we only use fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices in all our products. No animal products at all!

3. Are your products organic?

We do use some organic ingredients in our products whenever we can but are not certified.

4. Are your products suitable for a Paleo diet. 

This is open to your interpretation as we try to use only natural, whole, unprocessed ingredients in our manufacturing process whenever possible.

All our products are made just how I would cook at home and I have always been conscious of not using preservatives, additives or flavourings due to many food allergies that my family and I have.

Please check our ingredient lists for each product more information.

5. How can I get free shipping?

Please check the home page for current specials regarding shipping.

6. Are all your products ok to use straight from the jar?

Yes, the sauces have all been pre cooked so can be used straight from the jar as a dip or with other ingredients. 

7. Are your products suitable for coeliacs?

It has come to our attention recently that our labelling is confusing for coeliacs and we wish to clarify. We are in the process of updating our labels,  but yes our products are suitable for coeliacs. We adhere to the standards required and are confident in labelling our products as Gluten Free.