Veggie Pastels (West African style pasties)

Veggie Pastels (pas-tells), years ago when I used to serve ready to eat West African food at festivals and events these were a favourite , we used to  make them with chicken and tuna and they were traditionally deep fried. 

We have changed the recipe to be a little healthier and  serve these in our cafe with a toasted couscous salad, they are now baked not deep fried and we only do a veggie version.

We sometimes make them with gluten free pastry  and  you are welcome to experiment with different veggies and fillings. 

To make 24 of our Pastels


1/2 jar Ndambe   

1 x potato                                        1 x large carrot

1 x small sweet potato                    1 x brown onion

1/2 cup of peas                               1/2 cup corn kernels 

1 x small red capsicum                    1/2 cup of cooked, drained black eyed beans

4 x sheets of ready made puff pastry, can use gluten free  or make your own if you prefer. 

Salt and a little olive oil

2 x tablespoons of Mafe mixed with sour nut cream or greek yoghurt for serving


1. Preheat your oven to about 180c

2. Chop all the veggies into small cubes, around 1 cm or smaller. (except peas and corn of course)

3. Season the veggies, toss with a little olive oil and place in a roasting dish or tray in the oven to roast. 

4. When veggies are tender mix add the peas, corn and black eyed beans and mix through the undiluted Ndambe

5. Let the veggie mix cool, this is important or you will have floppy pastry which is impossible to work with. 

6. Separate the pastry sheets and cut each sheet into 6 even pieces.

7. Place a tablespoon of the veggie mix into the centre of each pastry piece and fold the pastry over to incase the filling. 

8. Now comes the fun part, pick up your little parcel and crimp or press the edges to seal (looks like a samosa or empanada) 

9. Place on a baking sheet or tray in the oven and bake until golden.

Serve with a peanut dipping sauce by using  Mafe mixed with a little water or yoghurt.