Spicy sweet potato chips

Noccas is really one of my kitchen essentials, I use it so much and it changes depending on when you add it to what you are cooking. 

With the warmer, barbecue weather sneaking up on us these are a tasty addition to any meal. 

Ingredients and method

1 to 2 teaspoons of Noccas (or to taste)sweet potato with noccas

2 large sweet potatoes , peeled and cut into large chips

1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil

Mix the oil and Noccas together and toss the chips through this mix to well coat. 

Place on a preheated (hot) oven tray and place in a hot oven until chips are cooked through, turning once or twice to ensure all sides are browned.

Note: you can cook these on a barbecue by parboiling the sweet potato chips before coating in the Noccas mix . 

You can also do this with other vegetables and then use the left overs for a spicy roast vegetable salad. (recipe soon)