Juanitas flu fighter #1

It seems to be that time of the year when there are lots of coldsand flu's going around which has prompted me to share one of my remedies.

Since my girls were very young the minute they showed any sign of flu or cold symptoms I would feed them all sorts of "healing" home remedies. 

unimpressed girls

 Some of  my concoctions were yummy and they were very happy to take them but I must admit some were not the best tasting to say the least and  then my poor little darlings  would look up at me with their bright red noses, while coughing and sneezing in a croaky voice saying " Really its ok mum, I don't need it, really I feel better!" 

hmm... all I can say to that is bribery works amazingly well !


My dad when ever he gets any flu symptoms takes 2 aspirin and a shot of homemade Rakija (rack-key-ah)and goes to bed to "sweat it out", and most of the time it works for him, but I couldn't really give that to my girls. I think the secret is that the Rakija is so strong it just kills everything, no bugs can possibly survive it and  I have a 100 other uses for Rakija.

Over the years my concoctions have varied but somethings just work and of course now with the internet you can actually read the about the reasons behind why they do work. (wow that sentence made me sound old)

Of course everyone is different and there are lots of different bugs, colds and flu's going around so concoctions do need to be adjusted accordingly, but  this little remedy works for me and I retested it on Adrian when he got sick on his return from his recent trip to Mexico.

Symptoms- cough, sore throat, body aches and pains, slight temperature , tired


1 x heaped teaspoon Chai Plus

Organic green tea

Small piece of fresh Turmeric root  or 1/2 teaspoon organic turmeric powder 

1 teaspoon of Coconut oil

juice of 1/2 lemon

1 teaspoon of Manuka honey or organic honey if you don't have Manuka

NOTE: before I made Chai Plus, I would also add some or all of these spices individually and each ingredient of Chai Plus has its benefits and reasons for being included in this remedy


In a large mug place the Chai Plus, green tea, turmeric and add enough hot water to stir and dissolve the Chai Plus and turmeric. Fill with hot water, stir in the honey add the lemon juice, coconut oil . 

Give to the sickie to sip. 


1. You can also make larger amounts in a thermos so that it stays warm. 

2. Also as well as this concoction some pineapple juice is really helpful , you can add honey to this as well and is really nice to have as a cold drink to have a break from the tea.

3. Also I always reccommend a cut onion beside the bed for coughs and colds, read some more info about this here and some eucalyptus oil on a hanky under the pillow or if really congested a little eucalyptus oil in some hot water with a towel over your head is something that always works for me.

4. Just also need to add these warning about turmeric , just incase. Chai Plus does contain turmeric but a smaller amount so if you are at all concerned just leave out the extra turmeric.