Green pick me up smoothie


This smoothie is inspired by some lovely fresh ingredients I picked up at the Ashwood Farmers Market.

Moving house and business has been exhausting, plus setting up our new shop (opening soon).  When you are tired and run down is when you seem to get colds and flu's, which is something I definitely don't have time for. 

While moving, it was what I thought was a good excuse for me to grab and eat what ever was handy at the time. BIG mistake for me as I am one for habit and once I get into a habit I have to make a conscious effort to change it.

But all is not lost, this "pick me up" smoothie is to get back on track :)


1x heaped teaspoon of TLC Mix ( you can use more but because I had not had some    for a while I used a little less)

2 x apples (I used a granny smith)

1/2 x avocado

1 x small kale leaf

1 x handful of spinach

1 x handful almonds

1 x handful of fresh mint leaves

juice from 1/2 lime

1 cup of coconut milk, its lovely with almond milk or green tea also. 

I didn't sweeten mine but you can sweeten with rice malt syrup or coconut sugar if you like. 

Whizz it altogether in your blender, top with a little extra TLC Mix and enjoy!