Creamy apricot, green tea, avocado and habenero smoothie

I have grown up with a veggie garden and fruit trees in the backyard so have high expectations when it comes to flavour. apricots.jpg

At the farmers market I attended on the weekend I bought some beautiful apricots and strawberries from a stall that definitely grew their own, they actually smell and taste like they should, so different from supermarket fruit. These apricots did not disappoint, so I had to use them in a smoothie. 



3 x heaped teaspoons of TLC Mix (use less or more to taste)

4 x Apricots

1/2 x Avocado ( I like to add this to make it extra creamy)

1 x handful of cashews ( sorry can't be more precise:/ )

1 x cup of cooled green tea

a small piece of habanero chilli to taste - this is optional but I like to add this for the kick, plus habanero have such a lovely fruity flavour that goes so well in smoothies.

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Garnish with apricot pieces and a touch of TLC mix. :)